I'm an engineer and designer based in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm a hiker, photographer, mechanic, and artist.

I spent my early career freelancing and working with small agencies where was able to really develop my craft as both a designer and engineer. I transitioned into software six years ago, where I then found my passion for both product design and design systems.

I've been the sole designer and engineer on smaller teams, and have also led design and engineering on larger teams. I take pride in living in between both worlds, bringing engineers, designers, and product closer together.

Senior UX Engineer at Zillow
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Staff UX Engineer
  • Design, build, and maintain Matchbox, a design system, saving SparkPost 4,000 design hours and 9,000 engineering hours per year
  • Coordinate with product managers, designers and engineers to define, understand and clarify goals and product requirements
  • Anticipate how product decisions and aspects of the design system affect the design, engineering and user experience
  • Oversee projects, planning and prioritization for frontend and design teams
  • Provide mentorship and direction to designers and frontend engineers
Front End Engineer
  • Worked within a distributed team of engineers responsible for SparkPost's React web application
  • Lead design and technical implementation of several product initiatives
  • Provided creative and technical guidance to marketing, product, developer relations, and other engineering teams on several projects
Web Developer at Fifteen4
  • Produced component libraries, style guides, wireframes and prototypes to support clients’ products or website development
  • Collaborated with Fifteen4’s animation and video departments to create interactive micro sites and landing pages

University of Maryland, College Park

  • BA, Communication





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